Hey there!

Thank you for dropping by at Crooked Crowns’ website! Big word on the street is that we have a new record out. Allow us to tell you a little bit about ourselves and that little donate button over there...

Crooked Crowns is a project based indie-pop band formed by singer-songwriter Chris Regtop (Paper Tiger, Grasp). In 2014 he teamed up with drummer Jaco Agterbosch (Komtammagoed, Grasp) and bass player Danny Keuter (Dann Thomas) to write new songs and record an album.

Back in the day Chris and Jaco played in Grasp for several years. After quitting this band, Chris started playing and touring with Paper Tiger, while Jaco joined Komtammagoed. Last year, after some time of not writing and playing music at all, it was time to start a new fun project.

On this webpage we happily present Crooked Crowns’ first album: Trunk On Fire! We hope you will enjoy listening to this record as much as we had making it. You can have a listen right here on this website, get a hard copy or download all songs for free.

However, we would love something in return...

All money raised with this album will directly go to a great cause: The Mango Tree Garden in Cambodia.

The Mango Tree Garden is small but wonderful organization, south of Phnom Penh, founded ten years ago and still going strong. To keep things short for now: The Mango Tree Garden offers psychosocial support to Cambodian children in a playful and creative way. The importance of play and creativity for children's emotional development and psychological well-being is not met in the regular more traditional Cambodian education system. Through play and creative expression children are given the opportunity to deal with their daily life circumstances. In Cambodian society it is quite common for children to grow up with domestic violence, abuse, poverty and lack of education. The Mango Tree Garden is a place where the children plant their 'seeds' by learning to express themselves and their dreams for the future. This will help them to grow up into resilient and (psychologically) healthy adults. The Mango Tree Garden is run by a group of very caring and dedicated Cambodians, all perfectly qualified for this ambitious task. But, always short on money to keep things going, they really do need some financial support.

You can read more about it here: www.mangotreegarden.org

Again, thanks for your interest.
Drop us a line at: info@crookedcrowns.nl
We really hope you will enjoy this record and if you do;
be a dear and donate a bit!

Chris, Jaco and Danny

Crooked Crowns.